The Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

sunflowerThe health benefits of sunflower seeds have been appreciated and enjoyed for a long time by people living in the Middle East. The slightly stringy seeds are chewed and the shells spat out. What does you good is the inner core (kernel) of the seeds, but did you know that there is a really straightforward way to enjoy the benefits associated with sunflowers seeds? Sprouting sunflower seeds is one the best ways to enjoy all of the health benefits without having to chew them.

So, why should you go to the trouble of sprouting sun flowers seeds? Well, sun flower seeds have a range of health benefits that we often ignore, and leave for the birds in our garden to enjoy. First of all they are very rich in vitamin E which can help to improve heart function and reduce inflammation in the body. They are also rich in magnesium, and several of the vitamins belonging to the vitamin B group. You will also find many other healthy mineral and trace elements in this tough little seed.

How to sprout sunflower seeds

It is not very difficult to sprout sunflower seeds. Even though they are very tough, they are happy to sprout quickly. The amazing thing is that they become even better for you in “sprout format.” Why? Simple really, this little seed can start to produce an abundance of chlorophyll just in a mater of days.

To start of your sprouts, you need to soak the seeds in water for about 24 hours. Rinse them out, and place in a dark cupboard at room temperature. Check them twice a day, and rinse them twice a day. Wait until you see a fair bit of growth on all the seeds before you take them out of the cupboard.

Once more and more seeds start to sprout, take them out of the cupboard and place on a window seal. Continue to rinse them twice a day, and after about three to four days, they will start to become green. They are now producing chlorophyll and are ready to eat. Add them to your salads, or use them as filling in your sandwiches. The sprouts are many times more nutritious than the seeds themselves. You are in effect eating sunshine.

More tricks to sunflowers seeds

Have you ever tried roasted sunflowers seeds? They are delicious and can be added to bread and any cakes that you make. Perhaps they taste better in a muffin, but you can add them to a tea bread. In the Middle east, you will often find sunflower seeds baked into tea breads. Share your seeds with others, but stay away from the salted kind if you can.

The health benefits of sprouting

All seeds and nuts are very good for us as they are so full of energy. After all, they are their to kick start the plant, and this is what happens when you sprout a seed. You are in fact releasing a lot of that hidden away nutrition which is stored by the seed. You can sprout almost anything from alfa alfa seeds to carrots.

Carrots sprouts taste just like carrots but they are actually better for you. They contain a lot more nutrition, and so do all other vegetable sprouts as well. You can sprout almost anything and once you start you may become addicted. The truth is that it is all about experimenting.

Who should be eating sunflower seeds?

Anybody can eat sunflower seeds, but maybe small children will find them difficult to eat. They are certainly good for gents as they will help towards a healthy prostate. They also contain sunflower oil, and that is very useful when it comes to keeping our arteries in tip top condition. Sunflower oil is also associated with better skin quality, and may even help to control wrinkles. Also, oily seeds will help to keep our joints healthy. It is a good idea to try to include many different types of oil in your diet.

Sunflower seeds were not so popular in Great Britain until a few years ago. All of a sudden their popularity took off, and now many companies are keen to promote their health benefits. The health benefits of sunflower seeds are well known today around the world, all we need to do is to add them to our diet in an enjoyable way.

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